Milton native Emily Spencer honored for her work in supporting soldiers at war

Milton native Emily Spencer honored for her work in supporting soldiers at war

Army Lt. Col. Theresa Rusin spent nine months away from her husband, Denny, as she served on the front lines in Afghanistan. Sunday morning, amid applause from fellow service members and their families, she gave her husband a bouquet of white roses – and a kiss – to thank him for his support while she was away at war.

Milton native Emily Spencer was also honored during the event for her work in supporting soldiers at war.

In 2012, Emily Spencer started the nonprofit Heartillery Group, which sends cards and care packages to U.S. soldiers serving in war zones. Just three months after their wedding, her husband, Army 1st Lt. Scott Spencer, was deployed to Afghanistan for more than a year.

To date, the group, whose website is, has sent more than 120,000 cards to soldiers worldwide, she said.

Emily Spencer, 34, now a Norwood resident, said the group has helped her connect with other families who are going through similar hurdles while their loved ones are at war.

“It saved me as much as it saved them,” she said of the group’s efforts to communicate with soldiers.


  • Kyndal Posted June 27, 2020 5:08 am

    Dear Emily spencer, hi my name is Kyndal. I am a big fan and a big supporter and prayer warrior of the soldiers. I love to write and send letters to the soldiers. I know that it makes their day when they get a letter from somebody from back home. Just knowing that their is somebody supporting them and praying for them, I know that makes it all worth while to them. Our soldiers supporter and prayer warrior,


    • Emily Posted June 30, 2020 8:59 am

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Please join is for future projects. You can email me at and we can get you signed up as a volunteer and add you to our newsletter list.

      Thank you for all you do to support our military.

      Emily Spencer

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