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22.22.22 Charity Challenge

$22 | 22 Push-ups | 22 Days

Campaign to Highlight Veteran Suicide

Join RiccioFit Strength & Movement and Heartillery Group

An estimated 22 veterans a day are committing suicide.
It is a deeply troubling statistic that has galvanized the veteran community.
RiccioFit Strength & Movement is helping to shine a light on this epidemic by partnering with Heartillery Group for the 22 Push-ups for 22 Days Charity Challenge.

How does it work?



Sign up by pledging  a $22 donation to Heartillery Group.

The Challenge runs Aug 1 – 22, 2021

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Do 22 Push-Ups

Watch for an invitation to our  private Facebook Challenge group.

Watch the video tips for push-ups!

Do your Push-Ups!

For 22 Days

Post a video of yourself performing 22 pushups to the Facebook group!

Don’t worry if you cannot do 22 each day for 22 days.  Fitness is a marathon!

Thank you to our partner Bill Riccio and

RiccioFit Strength & Movement

Veteran Suicide

Want to challenge your friends, family and colleagues to join the challenge with you?

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