Year-Round Love & Gratitude

Make cards to send to a soldier!

Your cards and letters are truly cherished by soldiers. They are a lifeline to the world back home. Their arrival on a military base always make it a special day and lifts the morale of everyone for days to follow.

We accept cards of love and appreciation year-round. Although not required, we encourage you to participate in specific Projects and Events by associating your cards with the theme.

When you send them to us, we ensure that they get into the hands of the soldiers who need them most!

Instructions & Guidelines

  • Make as many cards as you feel you can
  • Cards can be homemade or store bought – get creative, have fun
  • Write a simple and kind note inside each card along with your signature(s)
  • Use a generic salutation such as “Dear Service Member”
  • Reference the Project theme, if you like
  • Put each card or letter in a blank, unsealed envelope
  • Enclose a check to cover postage.  100% of this donation goes to mailing your cards!

Mail to:

Heartillery Group
PO BOX 2649
Ponte Verde, FL 32004
(904) 466-7864


  • DO NOT Address cards or letter to specific individuals – they will not be delivered
  • DO NOT Include your home address or other personal information on cards or envelopes. We are not responsible if you choose to disclose personal information in your cards.

Donate Now!

For every card you send consider including a donation to cover the cost of postage. It costs Heartillery $18.45 to mail a box of ~350 cards to those who serve. Thank you for your support!