Year-Round Love & Gratitude

Your cards and letters are truly cherished by soldiers. They are a lifeline to the world back home. Their arrival on a military base always make it a special day and lifts the morale of everyone for days to follow.

We accept cards of love and appreciation year-round. Although not required, we encourage you to participate in specific Projects and Events by associating your cards with the theme.

Instructions & Guidelines

  • Make as many cards as you feel you can
  • Cards can be homemade or store bought – get creative, have fun
  • Write a simple and kind note inside each card along with your signature(s)
  • Use a generic salutation such as “Dear Service Member”
  • Reference the Project theme, if you like
  • Put each card or letter in a blank, unsealed envelope

Mail to:

Heartillery Group
PO BOX 2649
Ponte Verde, FL 32004
(904) 466-7864


  • DO NOT Address cards or letter to specific individuals – they will not be delivered
  • DO NOT Include your home address or other personal information on cards or envelopes. We are not responsible if you choose to disclose personal information in your cards.

Special COVID-19 Extra Precautions

  • Follow good hygiene procedures
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Use gloves, if you have them
    • Use a disinfectant to clean all your arts & crafts materials before and after
  • Allow your completed cards and envelopes to sit untouched for at least 1 day before you send them
  • If you or anyone in your household has or thinks they have COVID-19 or are sick, refrain from participating until you are certain you are well.

Donate Now!

We need your financial contributions, both large and small, to execute many urgent and time-critical initiatives around the world. Thank you for your support!